Review- 'Deadly Revisions'

Deadly Revisions(2013)
Bill Oberst, Jr.
Mikhail Blokh
Cindy Merrill
Lise Hart
Directed/Written by:Gregory Blair

Synopsis: A horror writer wakes up from a coma, only to discover that a good chunk of his memory is missing. Through the help of hypnosis, he starts remembering things, but maybe the things he remembers aren't all they seem to be. Is he simply going mad, or something else?

I recently got to watch this psychological horror-thriller, and I was not disappointed at all. It was, for me, a fun, edge-of-the seat kind of movie, from beginning to end.

It stars Indie-horror favorite Bill Oberst, Jr, as Grafton Torn, the aforementioned horror author.  Like other of his movies I've watched(and some even reviewed ;) ) Mr. Oberst knocks the role out of the park AGAIN, portraying someone who feels as if he's absolutely losing his mind, and the angst and fear and doubt just roll off of the screen. By half-way through, all I wanted to do was go, "hey, Grafton, you're okay, man, we'll get through this together." It was just that kind of feeling.

If you love thrillers, and Independent movies, I cannot recommend this one enough. It has a wonderful twist ending, and it's also chilling. It left me in goosebumps and not wanting it to end just yet.

This movie was well written and directed, with good pacing and a fabulous cast. I had no complaints with the acting(or, well, I think possibly Mr. Blokh seemed a little over-act-y sometimes, but then maybe that was just part of the plan...? he was okay other than that. I don't want to spoil anything with this review, so I'll leave it there.)

The cinematography was crisp and clear; the sound quality was really good. I LOVED the location--that cabin was gorgeous.

With this review, I'm changing up my rating system(see sidebar) so I give this movie a 9 out of 10 stars(for minor things that really don't detract, but kind made me twitch a little,and are not worth mentioning o_O )

ALSO- I should mention that with the new review system, it in NO way negates earlier ratings. I wanted to be clear on that. The old ratings still hold(E.G, 5 stars still means excellent by the old system), but I wanted to try a new rating system. I hope that helps! 


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