At last, a blog post- "Two of my favorite men of horror"

So I was supposed to do this LAST month, but what with being sick and then, apathy, I let it slide.  It was supposed to ring in the New Year with a double-header: "Two" of my favorite horror actors post. 

I know, I know. Replace "apathy" with lazy, and you pretty much have me. Meh.

So, here's the post, a month late.  Without further ado:

Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney, Jr.!

Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff(born William Henry Pratt-Nov. 23, 1887,d.Feb 2, 1969) had a very impressive film career, and was known best as 'Frankenstein's Monster'. I first encountered him, as many children have(of course it was years ago for me), as the narrator of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'.  He was indeed a fine actor, and although he did do non-horror acting gigs, his primary genre was horror films. Besides 'Frankenstein', he was in 'The Mummy' as Imhotep(1932), 'The Invisible Ray' as Dr. Janos Rukh(1936-billed simply as "Karloff"), 'Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' as Henry Hyde/Dr. Jekyll(1953), as well as many others, including hosting the T.V show, 'Thriller'. 

Here's a short clip of Karloff as the Monster, in what was/still is a very controversial scene- meeting the little girl Maria and after playing with her by throwing flowers in the water, he throws her in the water(albeit innocently- you can see his stress and confusion and panic clearly)

It starts out sweet(?) and quickly turns horrifying.  But he plays it well, and you feel upset right along with the Monster.  

Karloff was a fine, and very gifted actor, and I encourage you to check out his movies-wherever you can find them.  If you're a Svengoolie fan, you sometimes can see his movies on that show.  In fact, it was only just last month that Svengoolie aired 'The Invisible Ray'.  You can also find some of his movies over at Netflix. 

Lon Chaney, Jr. 

This image  is property of Universal Pictures(The Wolf Man)

 Lon Chaney, Jr.(born Creighton Tull Chaney, -b. Feb 10, 1906-d. July 12, 1973).  Best known for his role as Larry Talbot(aka, The Wolf Man). He was the son of Lon Chaney, "The Man of a Thousand Faces" . He didn't start his own career until after his father's death, and for a time, acted under his birth name.  It wasn't until 1935 that he became known as Lon Chaney, Jr.

He too, portrayed Frankenstein's Monster, notably in 'The Ghost of Frankenstein'. Also noteworthy, according to Wikipedia, he was the only actor to portray four of Universal's famous monsters(The Monster-'The Ghost of Frankenstein', Kharis/The Mummy-'The Mummy's Tomb', Count Dracula-'The Son of Dracula and The Wolf Man-all five films featuring the Wolf Man).  He too was a fine actor, and you should find his movies(three are at Netflix) and give them a watch. You won't be disappointed.  Also visit his IMDb page, HERE.

Oh, and check out this trailer from 'The Wolf Man(1941)'-


Ok, so that's it for this month's "One  Two of my favorite man Men of Horror".  My next post(at least I hope) will be a movie review. That is, if I can get my hiney in gear and write it. (I really want to review 'Ice Pirates'! :D )

Thanks for reading!  And please, do comment!  It really makes my day when people leave comments, I love hearing from my readers!  <3


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