We want the clowns, indeed! Circus of the Dead Teaser Trailer #2 Bill Oberst Jr. & Chanel Ryan

Side note: The first teaser trailer got taken down(according to Billy Pon) by Youtube, because of NSFW hijinks(Nudity... ahem. No more said ).

Anyway, just seeing this trailer(and the first one) is enough to get my horror heart beating faster- because, creepy fun fest. I can hardly wait til this comes out!  If I read correctly, it's going to film festivals in the beginning, and then later, DVD?  Or streaming? I hope streaming/ITunes. 

So if you like creepy clown goodness,  and you are also a fan of Bill Oberst, Jr.(like I am) then this movie is probably for you.  Unless you have a fear of clowns, in which case, don't watch.  Just sayin' ;) 

Watch the trailer below and enjoy!

Is it wrong that I kinda want my face licked too...?  Just wondering.  o_O *blushes*


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