This month's, 'One of My Favorite Men of Horror' is.....

Vincent Price!

I cannot remember a time when I wasn't a fan of Vincent Price.  He was one of the people I saw all the time on T.V(Mystery,The Muppet Show,various other guest spots) and whenever his movies played on T.V.  I was endlessly fascinated with him, even when he scared me(Dr. Phibes, need I say more?) and as I grew older, I wanted to meet him, very much.  When he passed away, it broke my heart, because I knew then my chance of ever meeting him slipped away, like grains of sand in the wind. 

I had a kind of "six degree of separation' moment, well, twice:  my uncle(who's no longer with us either) told me once that Mr. Price had given him a ride back in St. Louis.  And a dear friend of mine met him once in California, while standing in line to renew his passport.  My friend did a double take, asked him if he was indeed Vincent Price, and spent a pleasant few minutes chatting until some office flunky whisked him(Mr. Price), away.  Mr. Price was that down to earth, that he didn't want to be treated differently than anyone else, and that makes him even more awesome.

Check out this wonderful moment from the afore mentioned 'Muppet Show':

He was a true class act. ^_^ I'm willing to bet he had a blast :D 

Vincent wasn't just an actor though.  He was also a foodie(he wrote a few cookbooks), a lover and collector of fine art, and just an all around gentleman. When he passed in 1993, the world became a little less wonderful. There will never be anyone else like him. Thank you Mr. Price, where ever you may be.

For more info on this fabulous man, I suggest going here. There were other websites devoted to him, but it looks like, sadly, they've disappeared.  Which is really too bad. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and tune in next month to see who I pick!  :D



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