Are YOU on Santa's Naughty list this year? My review of 'Krampus:The Christmas Devil'

Krampus:The Christmas Devil(2013)

Runtime:82 Min.
Directed by: Jason Hull
Written by: Jason Hull
Bill Oberst, Jr.
A.J. Leslie
Richard Goteri
Mike Mili
Annette Lawless
Jay Dobyns
Erica Soto

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I had the privilege to watch the screener of this movie, thanks to Jason Hull and I was not disappointed.  Being a fan of Independent films, I was prepared for a fun, effed up ride and got it.  If you like freaky movies, with some gore on the side, you will like this evil little gem of a movie.  It's the perfect holiday horror movie! ;)

In 1983, our hero of the movie, Jeremy Duffin was on Santa's naughty list. And what happens when you're on Santa's naughty list? The Krampus comes for you. Jeremy narrowly escaped, but forever was haunted by his ordeal.  Thirty years later, now Special Agent Jeremy Duffin, he is sensing a dark pattern resembling his own kidnapping to the missing children of the small Pennsylvania town he lives in.  As he and two of his fellow officers search the woods, Duffin is again kidnapped, while the other two are brutally murdered. He escapes once again, this time finding out that the person who kidnapped him is a creature from lore, the Krampus. In the meantime, newly released from prison, ex-con Brian Hatt has a score to settle with Duffin, who had imprisoned him ten years before, taking hostage Duffin's wife and daughter(who also happens to be on the Krampus' naughty list). Shit just hit the fan.

It's a dark, twisted, haunting, fun movie, with good creepy moments.  Bill Oberst, Jr. who plays Brian Hatt, is very good at portraying vengeful and downright despicable(and also funny!).  And there was a moment with milk and cookies :D  In the midst of seriousness came this funny moment unexpectedly and was well played by Bill Oberst, Jr.  

The cinematography set the right tone and was absolutely gorgeous, and the directing was very very good.  The music was outstandingly kickass  nor, as in some other films I've seen, did it overpower the dialog. The storyline was really well done. The pacing was maybe a trifle slow at times, but it didn't distract me from enjoying the movie.  A.J Leslie did a fine job as the troubled Jeremy, and you could see how he was affected by his memory of being kidnapped. Erica Soto did a fine job as his wife, Rebecca. Everyone in fact did very well in their roles. The gore was well done, well, except in a couple of spots maybe, where it seemed a little too bright to me, much like in the old Hammer films. But not bad, honestly. I wasn't bothered. 

And the ending. Holy shit.  Well played, Mr. Hull. Well played.  Oh and I loved the bloopers during the credit roll!

Special mention goes to Paul Ferm, who plays Santa Claus.  Who would have known Santa could be such a right bastard? :D Definitely a new take on old St. Nick. 

I give it 4.75 stars :) Great job, Cast and Crew!

Also, check out the official website for Krampus:The Christmas Devil  .


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