New Monthly Feature! 'One of My Favorite Men of Horror'

I've been trying(and kind of failing) to think of new things/features for this blog, besides just movie reviews or talking about my rather boring life(well, I've talked about my life a little bit, at any rate).  I KNOW this has been done elsewhere, and better, but what the hell, right? :D

I already have a list at IMDb, but I wanted to do more of a feature thing here, as well.  I will be pulling actors from that list, to feature, I HOPE, monthly(that is, if this goes well and is well received *crosses fingers*).  To start things off-- I would like to feature one of my latest favorite actors. It's also very appropriate that I start this inaugural feature in my favorite month,October. 

So here 'tis, this month's 'One of My Favorite Men of Horror'-

Bill Oberst,Jr.!
copyright Bill Oberst Jr/Michael Helms

One of the coolest actors out there, he's also one of the hardest working too(especially in the world of horror films-and I'm not the first to say it, I'm agreeing with others).  

You can visit his website, here: , his twitter page here:  and his IMDb page:

Oh yeah, and I did in interview with him a while back, if you missed it: Interview with an actor,Or- Bill Oberst, Jr. is the coolest guy on the planet

I first found out about him last year, while looking for horror films for my (almost)yearly Halloween party... my favorite zombie movie is now 'Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies' --(yeah, I reviewed it too).  He's got tons of stuff going on, by the looks of his IMDb page; just recently finished with the movie, 'Circus of the Dead'(playing a murderous,necrophiliac clown. It would have to be a clown, damn it.  Clowns already kind of creep me out a little as it is, because, Pennywise The Clown) There's other projects down the line for him--but I have to wonder: does he ever have time to breathe? o_O ;D

Anyway, check out the links, search around the 'Net for pod-casts he's been a guest on; here, I'll get you started: Return of the Living Podcast: Dooms Chapel Horror

Thanks for reading, and keep your fingers crossed that this can be a monthly feature :)


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