Happy "Talk Like a Pirate" Day!

So yeah, it's the 19th of September, and it's Talk Like a Pirate Day. Of course that meant that I had to try out another 'What's your Pirate Name" generator:

Get your own pirate name from the pirate name generator!

My pirate name is: Esme "Dubloon Devil" Curnow

"The Demon of Molasses Archipelago!"This pirate be a prankster and a rogue – a bit of a devil you might say!Get your own pirate name from the pirate name generator!

This one is actually pretty cool.  I like the name it gave me(well, after two or three tries, natch ;) )

"Dubloon Devil"... ha!

Yeah, this is a new post.... and you may have noticed that I've changed a few things around here, namely that I'm using my own FAN-made posters. I got nervy about using the mini-posters based on the real thing, so started taking them down and making my own.  Yeah, they're kind of lame, but they're mine. Fan art is fine, isn't it??  And it's not even great fan art.  So yeah.

Also, I'm thinking of implementing a new thing here... I'm certainly not the first to use this idea, and it's all over the 'Net pretty much, so it's not to say original.  But I want to do something else here besides making movie reviews or talking about my boring life. So look for the new thing next month.  :D

Now go have fun, Me Pretties!


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