What?! It's June already and you STILL haven't written that damn review?

Yah, I know. I HAD planned to write a review of 'Night of The Comet', but it kinda/sorta fell by the wayside.  Suffice it to say that I've had a lot going on in my life(well, pretty much) and that I've been distracted by other things *hanging out at message boards and Twitter endlessly, housework,etc*

I ALSO had something else planned to do for this blog but it too kinda went bust.  I'm still waiting to see if it will happen but for now, I'm thinking of other things to do for this blog.  And you see that poll over there, right?

Please vote? I'd really, REALLY like to choose a better name for this blog.


So here I am,like I said, trying to keep thinking of ideas to keep this blog afloat and keep people coming back to read.  Some other review? Just keep posting about my (mostly) boring life? Eh, I don't know, honestly.

Well, anyway, I'm still out here and still hoping the thing I want to happen, happens.  *crosses fingers and toes*

So anyway, keep coming back periodically, and maybe I'll have something worthwhile here for you to read.  

And maybe I'll get around to doing some kind of review, too.

If my brain doesn't explode first...

image by marin, from freedigitalphotos.net
I feel like this poor girl, most days.

above photo courtesy of marin, from freedigitalphotos.net


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