The Tie is broken and... shut up, neighbor dog!

Ok my Pretties. It's pretty much unanimous that I keep the name of my blog, from the 3 who voted.  I'm not sure why exactly why the name is so appealing, but I did give y'all a choice, and while I only got 3 votes to keep, I wanted the tie broken. And so it was and all rejoiced.

Meantime, I'm up early and the peace of the morning is shattered yet again by the neighbor dog up the street a ways barking it's fool head off.  I mean, this dog starts early and  It's enough to drive one completely bat shit.  Now, I have nothing against dogs.  My mom has a dog, has almost always had dogs at one time or another. I was raised around dogs. Ok? But I'm a cat person; I'd rather have a cat over a dog. Sure, cats know too much(thanks, Bill!) And sure, cats don't greet you with wet, slobbery kisses, or bring you your slippers, or jump on you frenetically when you get home.  But it's the relative peacefulness of a cat that appeals to me.

Until the claws come out, of course.....

Image courtesy of Vladimir Ovcharov/
Who, me?

Anyway, this isn't a cats vs. dogs argument, but to let you know that, yes, I will keep the name. I had hoped for more votes(alas), but there you go.  And in anticipation of the outcome, new pretty banner. Hope you like.

I'd love to hear from people about the posts and reviews.  Are you at all amused or informed or entertained?  Does my writing make sense or does it suck?  Please comment(and you can do so anonymously, too!)


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