Boy meets girl, boy doesn't eat her brains. My review of 'Warm Bodies'

Warm Bodies(2013)
Directed by Jonathan Levine
Run time 98 min.
PG-13(for zombie violence and some language)
A ZomRomCom with some horror.

It stars-
Nicholas Hoult as "R"
Teresa Palmer as Julie Grigio
Rob Corddry as M/Marcus
Dave Franco as Perry Kelvin
Analeigh Tipton as Nora
John Malkovich as Colonel Grigio

"A funny new twist on a classic love story about a zombie and a human survivor who form a special relationship in their struggle for survival"

 Ok, first I have to say that this is in no way a Twilight-like movie for Zombies.  It's a cute, funny, bittersweet love story with just enough horror in it to satisfy zombie fans, but like 'Fido', it doesn't have an awful lot of gore.  The Bonies(zombies who give up completely and shed their skins as well as the rest of their humanity) are scary as hell, and this is one time I actually enjoyed rooting for the zombies. Well, most of them. R is adorable(in a rotten kind of way) and you really feel for him.  I love that this is from the zombies point of view(much like 'Aaaah! Zombies!! or the more, er serious 'Zombies Anonymous'). But like Twilight it's not.

The story(from the novel by Isaac Marion) is loosely(very) based on Romeo and Juliet, but fortunately, this has an ending unlike the one the Bard wrote for his characters.  It starts from the point after the apocalypse has happened(and I don't think it fully explained how that happened, unless the book does?), with R monologuing about his life, and what he could have been; in fact he monologues a good percentage of the movie, but it's not bothersome in any way, nor does it detract from the movie(It helps actually).  He later meets Julia Grigio, the daughter of hardass Colonal Grigio, who's in charge of the encircled human encampment.  He saves Julia, from being eaten(a couple times, actually) and in return she starts to give him his humanness back,which later sets off a chain reaction in the other zombies which is a neat twist, that you don't usually see in "zombie movies", and like I mentioned, the gore factor is pretty low, compared to say, The Walking Dead, or Zombieland. 

The make up effects were exceptional and the pacing and dialog were very good,except for maybe a couple of moments that it kind of dragged(that or my attention span wandered off for a minute), but for the most part it was highly entertaining, and edge of your seat-worthy.  Nicholas Hoult  does a great job as a zombie falling in love and, willing to go against his zombie-nature. Teresa Palmer is great as Julia, and it's easy to see the chemistry between the leads.  It practically leaps off the screen.  In fact everyone did a very good job in their roles. 

I totally recommend this movie, especially if you like your zombie movie with a bit of romance thrown in. Also, comedy. Give it a try!

5 stars! :D


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