Sick days and a blog

So I've been feeling pretty off this week(sick with the crud), and trying to work on my next review, 'Fido'(zombie movie), go to school and think about this blog. AllAtTheSameTime o_O

I'm wondering if the name of the blog fits. I'm wondering if I can actually pull off another review. I'm wondering if I even make sense.  I'm wondering if I can actually stick with this blog.

I can tell you that this blog will not just be about reviews, but also what ever my rather wonky and weird imagination can come up with. That or just whatever is happening in my life at the moment(which can't be tweeted about).

Speaking of my life...

Today, I'm looking for sympathy.  Being sick really really bites.  I would give much and more for a hug or two, a box of chocolates, some company, and generally being fussed over.  When I was a kid, my Mom used to make something called a "Purple Cow". It was made with grape juice and ice-cream(like a float) and it was something she gave me and my Sibs when we were sick. It was worth getting sick just to have a Purple Cow drink.  How I miss that.  Oh well.  Guess I'm just feeling a little blue today.


I am going to really try and make a go of this place. And whether you leave a comment or not, is fine; just to know you are reading will be enough.  Thank you dropping by, and I hope you keep coming back.


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