Best laid plans and a' that...

So, I've been trying to work on another review('Night of the Comet'- a kind of fun, kind of cheesy, post-apocalyptic movie..) and it's not coming together yet.  Kind of disappointing, but then my life has taken a busy turn right now.  I'm still out here though, and I'm still determined to make a go of this place.  I guess it'll take a while to get into the groove of writing(at least semi-regularly).

Some things that are going on currently:

My next review(a work in slow progress)
House hunting

Yes, my family and I are moving, but not until The Kiddo gets out of High School(next year sometime).  I hate...nay, despise moving with the fire of a thousand suns, but I am hoping fervently that for a LONG TIME. I cannot tell you how many times I've moved and thought, please, dear Merlin, let this be the last move and it turns out that it's not.

Nothing I can do about it, The Klingon wants to be closer to his job-makes sense and all, but then, I do the majority of the packing.  So yeah, you see my point? But once we get settled, the first thing I do is get a cat.  A strictly indoor kitteh.  We haven't really been able to have a pet, living in rented homes/apartments.  I'm making the most of being able to get a house.  Get a cat, paint the inside of the house how I want; oh the possibilities!

But anyway, the immediate thing on my mind(other than house-hunting) is to try and get the review off the ground.  I wish.. I wish with all my heart that someone would leave a comment, but it's ok if those reading want to be anonymous, really.  But I'd also LOVE to know if y'all are actually liking the reviews- it's not worth writing if no one likes what I read.  Like any author(be it established author,fan-fic writer, blogger and so on) feedback is like...well, a double-decker hamburger to a starving man; it feeds us.  And I do have anonymous posting on.  Take a moment? I'd love to hear from you <3

Well, anyway, things to do, housework to get after and procrastinating over the review(again).  

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Thanks for stopping by and reading. <3


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