Take This Lollipop...please. Or, my little review of an Internet Sensation

So,  unless you've been living under a rock all your life, you've I'm sure by now have heard of the Facebook app/movie called, 'Take This Lollipop'. It came out a couple of years ago, and has freaked out at least 13 Million people(so far).  The movie is almost two minutes long, but it seems much longer,especially as you're being drawn into the story. And when it's over, all you want to do is go check outside, for strange cars or guys armed with box-cutters. Myself, I'd get my mini-crossbow out, just in case and:
 More after the jump- and, be aware, spoilers ahead!

'Take This Lollipop' was written and directed by Jason Zada, and made it's debut Oct. 17, 2011. It stars Bill Oberst Jr. (who won an Emmy for this role),who is brilliantly creepy; you're totally convinced that he's some kind of basement-dwelling psychopath. But the reality is, he's a wonderfully awesome and super-nice fellow, who just happens to play dark very well.    I mean, being creepy is pretty much his stock-in-trade(though, he has also done non-horror things). From interviews I've read/heard, it's his favorite acting method. Go do a search for those interviews, they are well worth your time.

But anyway, Take This Lollipop.   First of all, you might be going, okay, this is cool, let's watch and see what happens...and then OH MY GOD HOW IS HE SEEING MY INFO?!?  Relax, the app really doesn't have your info and Bill Oberst Jr. really isn't going to come looking for you.  It's all done by computer programs, and whatnot.  Kind of like those websites were you can pretend to destroy other websites.  But whatever you have made public , the program WILL see it,and use it accordingly. You know, maybe you should start hiding all the pictures of your cats. Just in case.


Ahem.. so, first we go down a long creepy hallway while a warped version of Please Little Girl Take This Lollipop by Bobby Jameson plays.  Then, we move(reluctantly?) into the room and the camera pans in behind a guy, in a dirty and sweaty wife-beater tshirt, as he feverishly taptaps on his computer.  Then the camera pulls back and reveals the dark and grungy room he's in.But wait a second. Those of you who are not parents may have not noticed, but it was the first thing I did:

So where's the family?!  I'm assuming maybe they left him because he was becoming hard to live with?  And maybe their leaving completely unhinged him?  I don't know, but from now on I'm going to wonder where that kid is.  In the meantime, Dread has come and planted his cold, cold feet on my spine.  Dammit.

By the way, what is this guy's name? I mean, other than "The Facebook Stalker"?  Hmm. How about Joe?  Yeah, let's go with Joe.  Alrighty then.

Anyway, we watch as Joe logs onto his Facebook account and starts looking for someone to stalk.  And, that person is you.  This personalised app was a genius idea, and it shows what you really shouldn't be sharing with others.  If anything, it should scare the living shit out of you, and make you think.

So after a few seconds of agonizing over what to do, he looks up directions to your house.   And then, with slow movements,like any good monster, he turns and stares into the camera.  I was almost certain, the first time viewing, he was going to say my name. But it was actually more effective by Oberst to not have any lines.  That just made it more horrific.


Then, the driving sequence. While it's only a few moments long, it's enough to see this guy is completely off the rails.  And the last shot, of him getting out of his car, you see taped to his dashboard your picture and directions to where you live.

Oh. My. God.
If you are a true blue fan of horror, and still have not played this App, go do so!  It's definitely something that'll keep you up all night, but entertain you as well.  Or just really freak you out.

Also, please let there be a sequel!
For more info, hit the link below:


  1. Yeah, it freaked me out. Not enough to stop me from sleeping, though. I think the reason it wasn't that scary for me is that I avoid sharing these informstions on the internet; I know very well that anyone could be watching :/
    Still, this guy's acting and performance is brilliant, the video wouldn't be half as creepy without him (by that,I mean if he wasn't on the role of The Facebook Stalker.) I wish Hollywood would go after him, he's a damn good actor.
    By the way, keen eye noticing the tricycle there. I hadn't noticed it before. I wonder what happened to the kid. *shudders*

  2. I also wish Hollywood "bigwigs" would pick him up; Lion's Gate, Universal, et al. He's very much a damn good actor :)

    And, I swear the tricycle really was the first thing I noticed; it totally freaked me out.

    Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it! Feel free to comment any time! Sorry it took me so long to approve the comment, but will be more watchful in future! :D


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